Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 04/03/2024

As of March 4th, the quest for great white sharks in Mossel Bay continues with both challenges and cause for hope. Since the last sighting by the cage diving boat on February 17th, efforts have been persistent despite the whims of weather.

While weather conditions have posed challenges, recent sightings via drone and helicopter indicate the presence of these majestic creatures in the area. Despite the difficulties, our hope of finding these tricky animals remains unwavering, fuelled by the knowledge that the sharks have been spotted in various ways.

Beyond the realm of sharks, Mossel Bay's waters have been teeming with vibrant life. Enormous schools of bonito have been observed eagerly chasing anchovies, adding a dynamic element to the marine ecosystem. Moreover, the bay has been graced by the presence of large pods of dolphins also hunting the large schools of prey.

Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 04/03/2024

Interestingly, signs of an early start to the sardine run have been noted, extending as far as Port St. Francis. This early activity suggests a potentially eventful season ahead, sparking anticipation among adventurers looking to take part in the 2024 Sardine Run.

In a noteworthy development, a recent report from a fisherman revealed a great white sighting in Groot Brak, near one of the permitted anchor spots within the bay. This sighting reaffirms that the sharks are indeed in the area. However with recent weather challenges it has been difficult to find these illusive creatures.

Stay tuned for further updates as we persist in our mission to unravel the mysteries of this fascinating creature.

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