Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 02/09/2023


As of 2nd September 2023, the eagerly awaited return of the Great White Sharks to Mossel Bay remains unfulfilled. It has been a prolonged absence, leaving both locals and tourists in anticipation. While a few sporadic sightings have been reported in Gansbaai and Plettenberg Bay, they have been far from frequent, leaving a question mark as to where these animals could possibly be. Nevertheless, whale season is still in full swing giving amazing sightings to guests on the cage diving boat. Let's delve into the latest update on the Great White Shark activity in Mossel Bay.

Sporadic Sightings Down the Coast:

The longing for the return of the Great White Sharks to Mossel Bay has led many to keep a watchful eye on neighbouring regions. Sporadic sightings have indeed been reported in Gansbaai and Plettenberg Bay, providing a glimmer of hope. These sightings suggest that the sharks are not too far away, possibly hinting at their eventual return to Mossel Bay.

Whale Season Extravaganza:

While the absence of Great White Sharks has left a void in the hearts of shark enthusiasts, Mossel Bay is currently graced by another mesmerising spectacle. Southern Right Whales have flocked to the bay in substantial numbers, captivating onlookers with their majestic displays. This phenomenon has made whale watching a thriving activity in Mossel Bay, offering a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close.

Eric's Optimistic Prediction:

Throughout the absence of the Great White Sharks, Eric, a seasoned member of the crew, had been an unwavering optimist. He predicted the sharks' return with great confidence, reassuring everyone that they would soon grace Mossel Bay's waters once more. While this prediction has brought hope and excitement to the community, it has not yet materialized. 


The extended absence of Great White Sharks in Mossel Bay has been a test of patience for the crew, enthusiasts, and the community at large. Despite sporadic sightings along the coast and Eric's confident predictions, the sharks have not yet returned to Mossel Bay. However optimism persists, and the hope of witnessing these incredible creatures back in their natural habitat remains alive. Nature operates on its own timeline, and while we wait, let's cherish the beauty of the ocean and the wonders it continues to offer, in the form of both whales and, hopefully soon, the Great White Sharks of Mossel Bay.

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