Mossel Bay Great White Shark Activity 16/11/2023

 In the shark world, Mossel Bay holds a special place. Recent times saw a brief hiatus in the presence of the iconic Great White Sharks, leaving us yearning for their return. On October 20, 2023, the tides turned, and the sharks came back into the bay, gracing us with their presence and providing unforgettable moments aboard the cage diving boat.

The recent return of the sharks to Mossel Bay has brought a wave of excitement and anticipation. As of the 16th November the cage diving boat has witnessed a fairly consistent presence of these magnificent creatures for a few weeks now. It's reminiscent of the old Mossel Bay before the Orca predations.

Despite a few missed trips, the sharks have been making fairly regular appearances. Their timing, however, adds an element of suspense to each excursion, taking a few hours before gracing the boat with their presence.

Mossel Bay Great White Shark Activity 16/11/2023

When the sharks do make their appearance, the scenes around the boat are nothing short of enthralling. These incredible creatures have been remarkably active, circling the boat and captivating everyone on board. Their energy and grace in the water make for a mesmerising spectacle, creating once in a life time memories for clients on the cage diving boat.

Adding to the excitement, we've had the privilege of hosting repeat visitors ranging from 2.1 meters to an impressive 3 meters in length. This variety in sizes offers a unique perspective on the diverse Great White Shark population in Mossel Bay. Each shark brings its own personality and flair, creating a dynamic and enriching experience for everyone on board.

In the wake of the return of these incredible predators, the sentiment aboard the cage diving boat is one of gratitude. We feel both lucky and blessed to have the Great White Sharks back in Mossel Bay. Their presence not only revitalises the marine ecosystem but also provides a thrilling opportunity for enthusiasts to witness these apex predators in their natural habitat.

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  • Dave Downey

    Nature at its most majestic. An awesome, beautiful animal. Thanks for the footage.

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