Great White Sharks Are Back, Mossel Bay Sightings 24/10/2023

In the world of marine enthusiasts and shark lovers, Mossel Bay holds a special place in our hearts. Historically one of the most convenient places in the world to see Great White Sharks pretty much all year round with a 10 minute boat ride from the harbour to the seal colony.  Recently however, we've been on a rollercoaster of emotions, eagerly awaiting their return Since the 18th June 2023.  On October 20, 2023, our collective excitement skyrocketed as a 3-meter male Great White Shark cruised up to the boat after an agonising four-month absence. It was a moment filled with joy and elation, shared not just by the crew and tourists but by nature lovers everywhere.

The Long-Awaited Return

October 20, 2023, marked a day of celebration. The anticipation finally gave way to excitement as we watched, a 3-meter male Great White Shark gracefully approaching our boat. After nearly four months of uncertainty, the unmistakable silhouette of a Great White had returned to Mossel Bay.

The Great White Sharks Are Back!! Mossel Bay Great White Shark Sightings 24/10/2023
Weather Challenge

However, nature has its way of keeping us on our toes. Since October 20, the weather had not been particularly kind. Mossel Bay was shrouded in high winds and big swells, making our trips a challenge.

Today's Surprise

Just when we thought the sharks had once again slipped away due to the weather, nature had yet another surprise in store for us. On October 24, 2023, we were treated to another  Great White Shark, a different shark to the first trip which gives us more hope that there are a few returning to the bay.


The encounters on October 20th and 24th, 2023, give us hope for the future of Mossel Bay's Great White Shark population. Boosting moral  and reminding us just how resilient these incredible creatures can be.

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Great White


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