Great White Shark Activity in Mossel Bay: Update as of April 11th


Since our last update on April 5th, the Great White Shark sightings in Mossel Bay have become significantly more consistent. There are now two regular sharks that have been visiting the boat, with a few more individuals making appearances every so often. One of the most exciting sightings has been a 3-meter Great White Shark that has been very active over the last week. This shark has been putting on quite a show for clients, demonstrating just how effective Great White Sharks can be at hunting. It has been seen flying out of the water, catching bait handlers off guard over and over again.

In addition to the 3-meter Great White, there has also been a 2-meter shark that has been coming to the boat on most trips. This shark is quite different from the other one, being very curious, inquisitive and slow to approach the bait. It's fantastic that clients get to see that these animals are all different individuals and have their own personalities.

Great White Shark Activity in Mossel Bay: Update as of April 11th

While the visibility in the bay hasn't been great this week after recent swells, guests have still managed to have great sightings of the sharks, especially from above the water. It's important to note that the weather and visibility conditions can impact the sightings of these amazing creatures.

To wrap up the Great White Shark activity in Mossel Bay is currently very consistent, with regular sightings of a few different sharks now. It is great to see them coming back and staying in the bay after recent Orca visits and bad weather.  If you're planning a trip to Mossel Bay, be sure to keep an eye on our updates about these magnificent creatures, and let us know if you'd like to join us on the boat for a trip.

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