Sardine Run

The Wildest Adventure

Adrenaline packed

Free diving and Scuba Diving

Natural Wonder

largest biomass migration on the planet


Sardine Run

The largest biomass migration on the planet – outweighing even the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

Expedition 1: 12 May – 19 May

Expedition 2: 19 May – 26 May

Expedition 3: 26 May – 02 June

Expedition 4: 02 June – 09 June

Expedition 5: 09 June – 16 June

Expedition 6: 16 June -23 June

What is The Sardine Run?

The Sardine Run is a natural phenomenon that occurs annually off the east coast of South Africa, attracting thousands of birds, dolphins, whales and sharks. From May to August, billions of sardines travel along the east coast of South Africa, following the cool Benguela current, which moves up from Agulhas Bank to Mozambique, It is an awe-inspiring migration. This incredible event is not only the largest biomass migration in the ocean but also the largest in the world, outweighing even the annual wildebeest migration in the Serengeti.

When predators meet prey, a feeding event of unmatched proportions begins. Thousands of common dolphins charge after the shoals, separating them into densely packed bait balls and driving them to the surface. An aerial assault on the sardines occurs when tens of thousands of gannets begin their spectacular plunge diving displays. Below the birds, the bait balls are easy pickings not only for dolphins, but also for shivers of bronze-whaler, dusky and blacktip sharks. The final player, is the behemoth Bryde’s whale. Its huge mouth can decimate an entire bait ball in a single lunge.



Whats Included?

7 nights accommodation

5 x sardine run expedition days (max)

Full catering

Transport to/from East

London Airport

Land based activity (on reserve day)

Internet (moderate speed)

All diving equipment (scuba optional extra)

Whats Not Included?

Travel to and from East


Video / photographic equipment

Travel or medical insurance


We will be based in Chintsa near East London. Each day we will be launching from the beach only 50 meters from the lodge. 

Our guests will be staying at Crawfords lodge for warm, comfortable and welcoming lodgings during each Sardine Run expedition. Wake up to spectacular sea views and magnificent surroundings in rooms that offer you everything you expect from a luxurious beach resort. Crawfords range of rooms and suites ensure all our Sardine Run guests can relax and enjoy luxury private rooms during the Sardine Run expedition. Rooms are all fitted with the following amenities to enjoy:

  • Sea view and private deck (majority of rooms)
  • Air Conditioning or Fan
  • Satellite TV
  • Ensuite Bathroom
  • King or queen sized beds (split if required)
  • In-room safes
  • Fridge
  • Coffee and tea stations
  • Moderate speed internet


The dining experience for Sardine Run guests at Crawfords is not to be missed. Buffet breakfasts include continental range of cereals, full cooked options, fresh fruits, yogurts and much more. On rare occasions (if we are required to launch very early) the Crawfords team will prepare breakfast packs for us to enjoy on the water. Lunches for the Sardine Run are eaten whilst at sea. The team prepare healthy and filling snacks and packed lunches for each day expeditions. Every evening is a social occasion where we are treated to buffet meals of local seafoods, meats, cheese platters, a variety of salads and vegetables, and homemade deserts.


$2300pp shared room

$2500pp single room