Ultimate Shark Experience

Great White Shark Program, Great White Shark Breaching "white shark ocean"
every day is a shark day


The most immersive


Great White Shark Program, chum trip "white shark ocean"
intense but rewarding

maximum effort

the ultimate


An full on action packed week of shark activities. A fully dynamic and customisable experience that you can make your own.


We understand that not all shark lovers have 1-3 months to take off to experience working with Great White Sharks. So we created a condensed dynamic week long experience to allow everyone to have their very own shark week experience. We work with you to pick the best time of year and to choose the activities that best suit you to get the most out of your trip. If you are interested in media, science, getting under the water or just rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in we have the package for you!

We are still in the process of building this experience. If it is something youd'd like to know more about get in touch!