Sardine Run, The First Two Weeks

The Sardine Run, a breathtaking spectacle of nature, has kicked off with a bang in Chintsa this year. The first two weeks witnessed a mix of exhilarating encounters and moments of anticipation. From the mesmerising sight of bait balls bustling with sardines and diving gannets to thrilling interactions with dolphins, sharks, and sea birds, the Chintsa Sardine Run has showcased the abundant marine life that converges on this coastal paradise. In this blog post, we'll recount the highlights and the occasional lulls experienced during the initial fortnight of this enthralling event.

A Promising Start: The Test Day Unveils Nature's Extravaganza

The Sardine Run in Chintsa kicked off with an extraordinary start this year. Even on the test day, excitement filled the air as a magnificent bait ball emerged, drawing the attention of diving gannets, energetic dolphins, and curious sharks. The pulsating energy of the sardines captivated all who witnessed this incredible display of nature's raw power. It set the stage for an eventful week ahead.

Epic Days of Bait Ball Action: Awe-Inspiring Wildlife Encounters

During the first week, Chintsa experienced two unforgettable days of intense bait ball activity. The ocean came alive as sardines swarmed together, forming mesmerising masses. The drama unfolded as dolphins darted through the bait balls from all angles, while sharks stealthily made their presence known amidst the frenzy. The sheer abundance of marine life on display left divers spellbound, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Beyond the Bait Balls: Nature's Extravaganza Continues

Even on days when the bait balls were less prevalent, Chintsa's Sardine Run continued to offer remarkable wildlife encounters. Playful super pods of common dolphins graced the waters, delighting observers with their acrobatic displays. Majestic Bryde's whales made their appearances, adding to the allure of the marine spectacle. A variety of shark species patrolled the area, while an array of sea birds soared overhead, completing the vibrant tapestry of this captivating event.

A Quieter Second Week: A Momentary Setback

As the second week unfolded, the initial burst of excitement gave way to a quieter period. While a pilot shoal of sardines provided an initial thrill, subsequent days seemed less eventful. The bay fell into a lull, leaving observers eager for more bait ball action. However, a silver lining emerged as a super pod of common dolphins was sighted, their northward movement indicating they might be chasing the pilot shoal.

Anticipation Builds: Giant Bait Balls on the Horizon

As the Sardine Run enters its third week in Chintsa, anticipation is mounting. Reports have emerged of giant bait balls approaching from the south. Other operators have witnessed the main shoal passing by East London, offering glimpses of awe-inspiring feeding frenzies. With the promise of renewed excitement, the next wave of clients eagerly awaits their turn to witness nature's grand spectacle.


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