Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 17/10/2023


As of October 17, 2023, Mossel Bay has witnessed an intriguing turn of events in the Great White Shark activity. It has been nearly four months since these majestic predators visited the cage diving boat in Mossel Bay, leaving both locals and tourists yearning for their return. Recent weeks have brought glimpses of hope as the sharks have been spotted in the bay, specifically at the Groot Brak river mouth and Hartenbos.

A Welcome Sighting

After months of anticipation, there's a sense of excitement in Mossel Bay as Great White Sharks have been spotted again. Local fishermen and drone operators have reported sightings, giving us renewed hope for their return. This renewed presence suggests that the sharks are returning to their familiar waters after an extended absence.

Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 17/10/2023
Weather Struggles

Despite the promising shark sightings, there have been challenges in running cage diving trips. Unpredictable weather conditions have hampered operations. High winds and significant swells have made it difficult to search for the sharks. Mossel Bay is no stranger to fluctuating weather patterns, and these conditions can have a significant impact on shark activity.

Optimism on the Horizon

While the weather has posed challenges recently, optimism is on the horizon. The return of the Great White Sharks to the bay after the predation event involving the infamous Orcas "Port and Starboard" has generated a sense of anticipation. This event witnessed the killer whales hunting and potentially killing one or more sharks, altering their behavior and movement patterns. The hope is that they are gradually returning to their hunting grounds in Mossel Bay.


As of October 17, 2023, Mossel Bay is experiencing a resurgence of Great White Shark sightings after an extended absence. Local fishermen and drone operators have reported their presence in the bay, particularly around the Groot Brak river mouth and Hartenbos. While challenging weather conditions have affected recent cage diving trips, the community remains optimistic about the future.

The recent predation event by Orcas "Port and Starboard" serves as a stark reminder of the complex relationship of the marine world and the impact of natural events on shark behaviour. As we eagerly await the return of these incredible creatures, we are reminded of the resilience of nature and the ever-changing dynamics of the ocean.


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