Great White Shark Update For Mossel Bay 05/03/2023


As of the 5th of March, the Great White Shark sightings in Mossel Bay have been great. Over the past few days, there have been numerous sightings, with only a few trips where no Great Whites were spotted around the cage diving boat. It seems that more and more sharks are coming into the bay, with a number of different sharks being spotted around the boat.

However, the visibility is still a little green due to recent storms, and a red tide today made visibility even worse. Despite this, recent clients who have joined the tours have had amazing interactions with the sharks.

Great White Shark Update For Mossel Bay 05/03/2023 / White Shark Ocean / Shark Cage Diving

Morning trips have typically been a lot more active recently, with a few returning sharks being very energetic around the boat. This is great news for those interested in coming to see the sharks in the near future as it provides an opportunity for an even more exciting and memorable experience.

Overall, the Great White Shark sightings in Mossel Bay seem to be increasing, and the recent interactions with these magnificent creatures have been nothing short of amazing. So, if you are planning a shark diving trip, Mossel Bay might be the perfect destination to witness these incredible creatures up close. 

Get in touch with us through the contact page if you are interested in coming to see these incredible animals.

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