Great White Bumps The Back Of The Boat

Great White curiously swims up and begins bumping and mouthing the boat!

Great White Shark Bumping The Boat | White Shark Ocean


The curious nature of Great White Sharks never fails to amaze. It can quite often lead to peculiar looking behaviour as they investigate different objects. These range from swimming on their side, standing vertically in the water, popping their head up, to just simply mouthing and bumping the object. The inquisitive behaviour is essential to the juvenile sharks learning about their environment ultimately leading to a greater chance of survival. 

This video was taken at Seal Island in Mossel Bay a harbour town on the Garden Route in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. You can see other similar behaviour in some of the other clips on the channel.

In the video you can see the Great White Shark approach the back of the boat on its side checking above the surface as it approaches. The shark bumps the cage as it passes before moving on to mouthing the props on the boat. 

In Mossel Bay we often see investigative behaviour around the boat. The boat has a lot of moving parts on it and with the sea moving it around it creates sounds that resinate through the water. The sharks come in closer to check the origin of the sound. The cage creaking against the side of the boat is one of the more intriguing sounds to the sharks which can often lead to spectacular interactions for the viewers in the cage.

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