Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 23/07/2023

As of July 23, 2023, Mossel Bay has experienced an absence of Great White Shark sightings for five weeks following a tragic incident involving Orcas "Port and Starboard." Despite this unfortunate anniversary, the bay has been witnessing an impressive influx of Southern Right Whales, making it an excellent time for whale watching. The White Shark Ocean and Go Dive Mossel Bay teams have been hoping to dive the Kleinbrak and Hartenbos areas looking for Great White Shark teeth whilst the sharks are absent from the area however the recent sea conditions and visibility have not been good enough to do the expedition.

Whale Watching Delight:

Although the absence of Great White Sharks in Mossel Bay is disappointing, nature enthusiasts have had the opportunity to enjoy another magnificent spectacle - the arrival of Southern Right Whales. These gentle giants are known for their impressive acrobatics and are frequently spotted during their annual migration to South African waters. With numerous sightings in Mossel Bay, whale watching has become a popular activity for locals and tourists alike.


Mossel Bay Great White Shark Update 23/07/2023

Sharks in Plettenberg Bay:

Even though Great White Sharks have been elusive in Mossel Bay, their presence has been observed not too far away in Plettenberg Bay. Sightings of these apex predators and the discovery of dead seals with bite marks indicate that the sharks are still in the region. This proximity raises hope that the Great White Sharks might return to Mossel Bay in the near future, as the factors affecting their movement and behaviour are continuously changing.

Understanding the Orcas' Impact:

The prolonged absence of Great White Sharks in Mossel Bay is linked to an unfortunate event that occurred five weeks ago when Orcas "Port and Starboard" passed through the area. These killer whales are known to target sharks and have been involved in similar incidents along the coast in recent years. The encounter might have temporarily altered the sharks' behaviour, causing them to stay away from their usual hunting grounds.


The Great White Shark activity in Mossel Bay has experienced a lull after the encounter with the killer whales "Port and Starboard." However, the presence of Great White Sharks in nearby Plettenberg Bay and the abundance of Southern Right Whales in Mossel Bay offer a silver lining for nature enthusiasts. While diving conditions have been less than ideal, the unpredictable nature of marine life gives hope that the majestic Great White Sharks will soon grace the waters of Mossel Bay once more. Until then, the bay remains a thriving ecosystem, attracting various marine life and offering captivating experiences for whale watchers and nature lovers alike.

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