Huge Great White Shark Breach

This 3.5m Great White Shark demonstrated the iconic Great White Shark hunting strategy perfectly.

Great White Shark Breaching Mossel Bay White Shark Ocean


This video was captured behind Seal Island, Mossel Bay. Mossel Bay is a harbour town on the Garden Route in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. It has residential Juvenile/Sub Adult Great White Sharks most of the year. The Bay is host to a wide variety of marine life throughout the year but the two charismatic constants are the Great White Shark and the Cape Fur Seals. The dynamic between these two animals isn't always as straight forward as you might think, shark predator - seal prey. Larger Cape Fur Seals hunt smaller species of shark and quite often harass smaller Great White Sharks. Armed with teeth and large claws they can cause huge amounts of damage to the sharks. 

If you look at some of the other clips on the channel you can see claw and bite marks caused by the seals.

This video was taken in September. At this time of year the inexperienced Seal Pups are making their dash from the island. The vertical acceleration from depth increases the sharks chances of predation but also reduces the chances the seal can cause damage to the shark. 


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Great White


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