Great White Shark Activity in Mossel Bay: Update as of April 13th

On April 13th, we had the opportunity to witness some exciting Great White Shark activity on both our trips. Within just five minutes of arriving at our location, the first shark made its appearance. At first, we thought it was a small White Shark, but it turned out to be a Bronze Whaler around 2 meters long, which is highly unusual around the cage diving boat in Mossel Bay.

Soon after our first Great White Shark arrived, the same 3 meter shark that we've had the pleasure of observing for the past few weeks. This feisty shark immediately launched itself out of the water and stole the bait, announcing her arrival. Shortly after, a small 2 meter Great White with a cut nose arrived, which we nicknamed Rudolf for the day.

The trip was a great contrasting show for our guests, who were able to experience the impressive sight of the 3 meter shark breaching out of the water and the curious little 2 meter shark investigating the cage and bait, being super interactive. Later on, another shark showed up, still feisty, but nothing compared to the local 3 meter celebrity.


Great White Shark Activity in Mossel Bay: Update as of April 13th / White Shark Ocean

On our second trip we had the pleasure of seeing two Great White Sharks, Rudolf from the first trip, and a much smaller shark around 1.8 meters, which came to visit sporadically throughout the trip. Our guests had close interactive interactions with these magnificent creatures, and everyone loved the experience.

The sightings on April 13th were particularly exciting, and we can't wait to see which sharks come to visit over the coming weeks in Mossel Bay. If you are interested in cage diving with Great White Sharks, Mossel Bay is definitely a destination to add to your list. We have had a few dry spells due to the Orcas but the Great Whites seem to be back in force. Keep following our updates if you would join us and get in touch.

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All our designs are Great White Sharks from Mossel Bay. Check out some of the amazing celebrity sharks we have had in the bay!